Give WordPress users the ultimate way to create logo clients showcases by building engaging and responsive galleries powered by a modern, touch friendly and fully customizable Ultimate Logo Showcase plugin.

Tons of customizable options

  • 50+ handful crafted animation presets
  • 5+ different layout displays
  • Slider, Carousel, Coverflow, Grid, Grid Filter, Masonry Grid & Masonry Grid Filter Layouts and more
  • 10+ pagination themes
  • 10+ navigation button themes
  • 2+ details view themes
  • 4+ details view display modes
  • Integrated images gallery
  • Fully responsive & touch friendly
  • and more...

Ultimate Logo Showcase comes with outstanding documentation

Customize everything you want, it's on you

Ultimate Logo Showcase is fully customizable, from a color to a complex animation timing function.

Logo Animation Effects

15+ categories of animation and almost infinite variants of each style. Choose a category, choose a variant, and start to customize from the colors to the type of animation.

Layout Builder

Our layouts are flexible. We have a simple layout builder for the logo overlay layer and for the details view modal window. Just use drag & drop to rearrange all the elements you want.

Details View

Show additional information about the company with our modal window Details View. Choose between 4 display modes, choose the type of information and where to display it, as well as include an advanced images gallery.

Key features

It is a true peculiarity made for you with lots of love.

Unlimited Colors

Unlimited colors option, Template and Style editor for the possibility to create unique showcases in minutes.

Retina Display Ready

Retina and other HiDPI display support for crystal clear appearance. More detailed images on the screen.

650+ Google Web Fonts

Google font support to implement the desired font on your site. Currently more than 650 font families are available.

Save Your Time

Lots of tools to create awesome showcases in minutes.

Some of customizable features.

There are still more interesting features that you can review


6+ different tooltip themes. Customize animation, position, delay and distance.

Overlay Effects

Show additional information like title, description, external links and more with nice overlay effects.

Multiple Instances

Show different showcases on the same page, each with individual configuration options.

Fully Responsive

Ultimate Logo Showcase works great on any device size, from desktop to mobile.

Additional Info

Add information such as short and long description, social links and contact information.

Images Gallery

Add company images gallery and view in lightbox.

Shortcode Integration

Use our automatically generated shortcode on any post, page, template or php file.


5 different layouts to choose

Full list of Features

Explore the full list of Ultimate Logo Showcase features

  • Unlimited logos with full information:
    • Title name
    • Title tagline
    • External company url
    • Category filters
    • Short & full description
    • Custom images gallery for each logo
    • Custom social links
    • Custom contact information
      • Phone
      • Mobile Phone
      • Address
      • E-mail
      • Website
  • Custom settings for each showcase:
    • Showcase width and height
    • Image fill mode:
      • Image Fit
      • Image Fill
      • Image Stretch
    • Responsive breakpoints. Adjust the visible items, image box dimensions and image item space between each others.
  • 50+ handful crafted animation presets, organized by categories:
    • Circle
    • Cube
    • Fade
    • Fall Away
    • Flip
    • Fold
    • Glass
    • Gradient
    • Hinge
    • Modal
    • Parallax
    • Pivot
    • Pusher
    • Shutter
    • Slide
    • Zoom
    • plus custom variable styles and custom settings
  • 5+ different layout displays
    • Slider display mode:
      • Slider
      • Carousel
      • Coverflow
    • Grid display mode:
      • Grid
      • Grid with Filters
      • Masonry Grid
      • Masonry Grid with Filters
  • Custom playback settings. Set Autoplay speed, delay, loop mode and direction.
  • Custom navigation settings. Set navigation type, keyboard control and mousewheel control.
  • 10+ pagination themes for Slider display mode:
    • 4 Pagination types: bullets, numeric, fraction and text
    • Each theme comes with custom settings.
  • 6+ filtersbar themes for Grid display mode. Each theme comes with custom settings.
  • Advanced DetailsView Modal window:
    • Show extra information about each item, with custom layout and settings
    • 2+ details view themes
    • 4+ details view display modes:
      • Popup
      • Inline
      • Left Side Panel
      • Right Side Panel
    • An intuitive layout-builder, so you can create your own layouts to show the information you want according to your needs.
  • Full featured images gallery
    • Full responsive images gallery
    • Add UNLIMITED images to the gallery for each item on the showcase
  • A full list of advanced layout settings, so you can customize everything:
    • Showcase main title: customize colors, borders, background, padding, position...
    • Showcase main container: customize colors, borders, background, shadow, padding, margin...
    • Image-item layout-builder for the image-item box, so you can create your own layouts.
    • Image-item outer title: customize typography style (font family, color, size, height, alignment), border style, background, shadow, margin, padding and position.
    • Image-item design themes...
    • An advanced Easing Editor, so you can create your own animation-timing functions, and define: direction, speed, delay and easing type.
  • Tooltips
    • Add tooltips for each item on the showcase...
    • 6+ tooltip themes
    • 5+ animation types
    • Custom position, delay and distance
  • Fully responsive & touch friendly
  • And an active development team creating templates every day to allow each showcase to be further customized.

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